Tree Removal

Tree removal is a service we expertly provide at First Tree Service Fort Wayne. A lot of homeowners and business owners avoid this service because they can’t tell whether the tree is safe to eliminate or not. With our professional team working on your tree, you can be assured that we will carefully assess the condition of your tree and tell you if it can be saved or not. When you are in doubt, call us, and we will offer the solution you need. 

Trees can be likened to humans in a way that both can be vulnerable to diseases and infection. Like humans, if not given the proper treatment, trees’ condition may worsen and lead to its death. When your tree is beyond restoration, there is no better way to handle the situation than to remove it straight ahead. Our team does not only eliminate trees, but we also educate our customers on signs to watch out for. Our goal is always to save and keep a tree healthy, but if it is beyond our power, we do our best to remove it skillfully. As a homeowner, it is essential that you realize that you have a responsibility to maintain your tree’s health and beauty. This is not just for the overall curb appeal of your home but for your family’s safety as well. 

Many property owners decide to remove a tree for the beautification of their land. While trees are a great add-on to your home or business, there are instances when they no longer serve their purpose. Some trees grow out of shape and in all directions and become an obstruction to crossing pedestrians. Overgrown and unhealthy trees can become an issue in the future and even affect the rest of the healthy trees and vegetation in your yard. A tree may be overshadowing a significant area of your landscape where other plants are located. Without enough sunlight, smaller plants can’t thrive and begin to have health issues. When we come to your property, we will carefully assess your tree’s situation and come up with a plan on whether to restore or remove it. 

Another common concern among property owners is when their trees become a nuisance and an obstruction. This problem is usually a result of incorrect planting from the beginning. Moreover, some problems among trees are aftereffects of a storm. Regardless of the reason for a tree’s decline or damage, it is essential to deal with the problem right away before things go out of hand. Problematic trees can interfere with structures such as your home or a building and cause issues down the road. If your tree is in the same situation, it may be best to eliminate it to prevent further problems in the future. It is most critical to get rid of a tree that is beyond saving. Unhealthy trees often have compromised structural integrity, weak branches, and hollow trunks. These types of trees can easily fall prey to high winds, ice, and storm. Thus, removing them is a must. 

Once we are done assessing the condition of your tree and its surrounding area, we can offer our professional advice on how we can go forward with the project. Whatever the decision may be, you can trust us to complete the task with the utmost efficiency and safety. 

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