Emergency Tree Service

We are no strangers to pretty harsh weather conditions prevalent in the region. We have seen how destructive the aftermath could be, and it commonly involves the trees in the area. First Tree Service Fort Wayne is known to provide urgent and reliable tree service for when you need it the most. Our team will clean the area thoroughly and make sure to bring back beauty to your property. 

In the best of cases, a severe storm can leave debris and make your yard look a bit rumpled. At worst, it can leave damages to your property and even injuries to your loved ones. This means spending on a hefty hospital and repair bill, and that could be frustrating either way. Our professional team will make every effort to ensure every debris and leftover of the storm will be removed from the vicinity to prevent further issues. Rest assured that fallen limbs and uprooted trees will be hauled away by our team members. 

We advise our customers to inspect the area and make sure they are safe before contacting us. While you’re at it, do not attempt to clean the area or touch anything because you are not sure whether they can be hazardous or not. If your tree obstructs a powerline, make sure to ask assistance from your utility provider right away. Unless you are sure something is100% safe, don’t touch it, or you may be putting your life in danger. 

When you are certain that you are in no imminent danger, please give us a call, and we will quickly send our skilled team members to perform the cleanup process. At times like these, we often receive several calls, so we appeal to your patience. We will make sure to assist you as soon as we can and bring back everything in order again. 

While a branch or limb may not seem hazardous at first glance, we encourage you to ring us when you notice anything out of the ordinary. Unsuspicious problems often lead to bigger ones if not treated right away. Keep in mind that it is always safe than sorry, so always bring it to our attention when you see something that needs to be attended to immediately. Also, you can trust us to give you a fair and honest quote. We understand that it can be stressful to deal with the consequence of the storm, and you may already have drop payments for other matters that need equal attention. At First Tree Service, we believe that reliable emergency service should be accessible to all property owners, and that means keeping it at a reasonable price. 

You can depend on us every time a storm comes to our area. We are a fully-operational post-storm, and you can reach us through our phone or email. During the cleanup session, we advise that you keep your distance from the area for your safety. Please don’t hesitate to ask whatever clarifications or concerns you have regarding the process. Our friendly staff will be happy to address your concerns and put your worries at ease. It is our goal to make you feel secured throughout our stay on your property. Once we’re done, you will hardly see any remains of the storm, and the beauty of your lawn will have been restored. 

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